My Projects

Burst Creative Group

The culmination of my education at BCIT was an internship at this thriving local agency.

2023-09-06 | Internship Project

JK's Bicycleitis

A website for a brick & mortar bicycle shop in Victoria, BC.

2023-11-07 | Freelance Project

Wu Tang Clan: Interactive Discography

A Spotify fan app for the infamous Staten Island crew, Wu Tang Clan.

2024-01-08 | Personal Project


A single-page website for a multimedia production company.

2023-04-10 | Student Project

24 Frames

A movie watchlist app for Android devices. Users can add movies to their list, leave ratings and write reviews.

2023-04-13 | Student Project

Grid Escape

A simple browser game with draggable boxes.

2022-12-01 | Personal Project

JavaScript Guide

An introductory guide to core JavaScript concepts.

2022-12-01 | Student Project

3D Wienermobile

A demonstration of 3D rendering in a browser environment.

2023-01-25 | Personal Project

Domepiece Media

A functional prototype of an online store.

2022-12-01 | Student Project

Robot Laboratory

A fun interactive toy! Mix & match facial features on a series of cartoon robots.

2022-12-01 | Student Project

a drawing of a radio

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More Projects Coming Soon!